Month: July 2021

The Year 2021 – We are slowly getting back on track

So much has happened over the past few months. We all are experiencing the impactful effects of sequestration – voluntary or prescribed. Social distancing is painful and limiting – we want so much to be able to stay in close contact with our friends, give them hugs, shake their hand. The ubiquitous mask has become part of our face as we now roam in our own desert wilderness. Yet we know we have to go through these mandated, and stringent procedures to maintain a personally-safety-focused-and-friendly environment.

We try our best to comply.

We have missed you – our customers when we had to temporarily close. We endured the business lapse and outlasted the seemingly endless days of life in Business Purgatory. But thanks to our Governor, we finally reopened to the public and are now slowly but steadily getting back on track.

In our dinner coupon, please note we have changed the total amount of charges from $30 to $45. Thank you for your support and for the opportunity to serve you.

We hope to see you all soon!

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