The Thrill of Serving You

When we use the word “thrill,” we are literally talking about exhilarating feelings of joy and contentment. These are the feelings we sense when we see our customers enjoying the authentic Indian dishes they order when they dine with us.

As Autumn comes lumbering in we have seen an increased interest in dishes like Afghani Chicken. Yes indeed – the sweet mango flavored sauce that envelopes the tender chicken pieces – how irresistible! Then we have Chicken Vindaloo that awakens the taste buds from their French Fry reverie. We always love to watch our customer’s facial expressions as they taste the sizzle of the chicken little. Oh the thrill of it all.

We love that our customers are all members of our extended family here in Pensacola. Thank you all for helping us make it through the good and not so-good times, with your support and steady patronage. As we walk the final stretch of 2021, we say “Namaste” to all – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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