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The Year 2021 – We are slowly getting back on track

So much has happened over the past few months. We all are experiencing the impactful effects of sequestration – voluntary or prescribed. Social distancing is painful and limiting – we want so much to be able to stay in close contact with our friends, give them hugs, shake their hand. The ubiquitous mask has become part of our face as we now roam in our own desert wilderness. Yet we know we have to go through these mandated, and stringent procedures to maintain a personally-safety-focused-and-friendly environment.

We try our best to comply.

We have missed you – our customers when we had to temporarily close. We endured the business lapse and outlasted the seemingly endless days of life in Business Purgatory. But thanks to our Governor, we finally reopened to the public and are now slowly but steadily getting back on track.

In our dinner coupon, please note we have changed the total amount of charges from $30 to $45. Thank you for your support and for the opportunity to serve you.

We hope to see you all soon!

Happy New Year

Alisa S photo of Dinner India

At our new location – Dinner India Restaurant & Grill on New Warrington – be it ever be so humble – Welcome!

Thank you for helping make 2019 a great year! Happy New Year! Going into January 2020, we have a new Business Schedule:

We are OPEN MONDAY thru SATURDAY. We are CLOSED on SUNDAY. We will have the same hours of operation – from 11 AM to 9 PM.


(L-R) Aasha and Dillip enjoying a warm and bright afternoon

So much has happened and for the better.

The one constant that never changes is that our family enjoys being able to offer you – our customers and friends – the best and tastiest Indian food in the immediate area.

Dinner India Restaurant & Grill is Pensacola’s best Indian food restaurant – bar none!

This past year our eldest daughter Balika finished her studies at UWF. We are so proud of her accomplishment. Please join us in congratulating her for her efforts at personal growth and improvement. We also celebrated birthdays and


(L-R) Aasha, Balika, and Dillip Bhandari



Family is Everything

TheFamily(L-R) The Bhandari Family – SSV, Dilliraj, Balika, Neerdosh, Gita and Asha

Family makes life in this world bearable. Even if times are hard, if a family stands together as one, it can weather any challenge, ride any storm. The Bhandari Family is together again. Neerdosh and Gita joined Dilliraj, Asha, SSV, and Balika last August. What happy times.

We invite you to come dine with us on authentic delicious Indian food at India Palace Restaurant & Grill. We will welcome you with appetizers and great service. It is for you that we run and work this restaurant because we want to celebrate Freedom and Friendship – your friendship and our country’s freedom – by sharing with you our culture and cuisine.

We shall see you all soon. Namaste.

When Customers Enjoy the Food

Family BanquetsThe greatest pleasure a restaurateur gets from the products and services his or her establishment offers is the sheer expression of enjoyment and appreciation of the customers. Whether the customer comes by themselves or with a group or with family for special occasions, the result remains the same. That a well fed, well served customer is a happy customer.

We want all our customers to be happy diners. We painstakingly spend time to refine our spice blends, to prepare authentic dishes, to serve the dish only when all flavors compliment each other rather than overwhelm and not before.

We look forward to serving you here at the India Palace. It is always our pleasure to serve you.

The Taste Buds Know

A well-groomed gentleman walked in to the small diner, got seated and began to survey the menu. The server brought him the welcome plate of mung bean wafers and condiments. “Good evening Sir. Welcome to our diner. May I bring you something to drink? Some hot tea perhaps? They say the Himalayan Green Tea harvest this year has been excellent and we received our shipment the other week.”

“That would be just fine. Hot green tea and while you’re at it, how about some garlic Naan.”

“Immediately Sir.” The server was off to the kitchen.


Tamarind chutney, pickled onion chutney, yogurt sauce, thin wafer, lamb curry and garlic naan

Breaking a piece of the blistered mung bean wafer, the gentleman quickly surveyed the condiments. He dipped the piece in the tamarind chutney, popped it in his mouth. Savoring the taste he closed his eyes. Faint traces of a smile formed on his face. He seemed transported far, far away.

The server came back to take his order. “Have you decided on what to order, Sir?”

The gentleman appeared to wake up from his reverie. “I’ll take the lamb curry, of course. You do have lamb curry, yes?”

“Yes Sir and we serve it with Basmati rice,” the server replied. “And how spicy would you like your curry prepared Sir?” The server waited patiently for the gentleman to decide.

“I like my curry mild…. Wait. I am feeling great today. Make it spicy. Yes. make it spicy…”

The server brought in the garlic Naan piping hot on a bed of clean napkins. The garlic oil glistened on the naan blisters. The gentleman smiled widely. He tore into a piece and zestfully dipped it in the tamarind sauce. He tore off another piece. This time he tried the onion pickled chutney and the yogurt. He enjoyed every bit of the naan with his green tea.

When his order of lamb curry arrived, he dipped his naan in the curry and savored it. “Delicious,” he murmured as he chewed his dipped naan. I am back in Kathmandu… o my… I am truly back in the Himalayas.”

“Would there be anything else Sir?” The server was about to leave.

The gentleman spoke. “The curry is delicious. But I will need more garlic naan. Could you please attend to more tea also?”

“Of course Sir.” And the server, smiling, was off to the kitchen.

At the end of the meal, the gentleman said while paying at the counter, “You know, it’s been years since I’ve had excellent Indian food. I thought I’d have forgotten the taste – but nope. The taste buds know… and my taste buds tell me this was an excellent lamb curry. I will be back. Thank you.”

“Thank you Sir. Come back and dine with us again soon.”


Garlic Naan

naanThe staff brings you this basket of piping hot bread lined with napkins. One look at it reminds you of the moon’s surface but not ashen looking and not too pockmarked. The secret to naan is found in the lightness, the blistered surfaces of whites and browns, the delicate coloration. You pick up the steaming garlic naan to break off a piece. Dip it in the curry sauce like a chip and savor the taste. Voila… you break off another piece and dip it. You do it reflexively now… you cannot just eat one!

Dining at Dinner India

All week-long you’ve hustled, commuted, worked, ran errands, met deadlines, followed through with order shipments, and made the company money. You feel great; but a little tired of the wretched fare: warmed up pizza, soggy buns and limp French Fries. Even your favorite cold chicken legs for breakfast is getting to be monotonous.

In your spare time you’ve read about the benefits of turmeric – that yellow powder in curry dishes. You’ve searched and found short clips about the vast open market bazaars of Istanbul and their food vendors. You saw people eating sizzling, spicy colorful dishes – purple, ochre, yellow, orange, blue, indigo, white, green, lime – even gold. Your mouth watered imagining the tastes and flavors.TableSettingWOrdersCloseUp

You are feeling bold and adventurous; it’s Friday. You find yourself seated in the India Palace Restaurant and Grill dining room. They bring out the appetizer dish of paper-thin mung bean fritters with tamarind, onion, and yogurt dips on the side. You glance at the other tables to see what the other customers are eating. The food looks great. You savor the aromas. You see something you like – looks like blistered bread, deep red chicken, vegetable curry dishes. You put in your order and wait.

Soon you will be feasting. . .


Indian Meatball or Kofta Curry in a Balti DishSpicy Indian meatballs or kofta, in a creamy tomato sauce, with yoghurt, coriander and toasted cumin seeds. But you must taste this Kofta meatball dish spread over freshly steamed Basmati rice garnished with a sprig of fresh cilantro. Your senses will awaken to curry… more curry.

Authentic Indian Cuisine



Cooking awakens and thrills the senses. India Palace Restaurant & Grill brings you authentic Indian Cuisine. Like a painter composes the picture, mixes the paints, fills the palette with oils, renders the brush strokes, finally bringing to life a scene or portrait, our executive chef assembles his spices, blends them, takes a deep whiff of the spicy perfume, carefully mixes the curries, turmeric and the garam masala with precision.

Join us for a meal from the heart of the vast Indian continent. Let us titillate your taste buds with our curries, our chicken tikka masala, and delicious eggplant and cauliflower renditions. Authentic Indian cuisine appeals to the sight as well as the taste buds. Experience the elegant tastes of India. Come dine with us.

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