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A Sizzling Chicken Dish

sizzling chicken-tikkaThere’s nothing like a hot, sizzling serving dish. It arrives at your table announcing itself, “Shhhh….sss… ssss. time to eat, put that glass down and smell the aroma… savor the treat.”

We had dined at India Palace Restaurant & Grill many times. During this visit, the table across from us ordered a sizzling dish of chicken; it was crackling, noisy and smelled real good.

After a while, we conversed casually with the customer who ordered the sizzling dish. “That was some dish you ordered,” I began.

“It was chicken tikka,” she replied smiling, “and the chef here knows best how to prepare it.”

“We’ll have to try that sometime; thank you.” I replied, dipping my garlic naan in the eggplant bharta.

Chicken tikka – bite sized chunks of chicken breast covered in yogurt and rubbed with spices, roasted in an oven, laid on a bed of sliced caramelized peppers and onions, and served on a super sizzling hot plate! You’ve got to try it sometime.

Tandori Chicken

tandorichickenTandori chicken is a well-known and well-liked Indian dish. Prepared in a special oven – almost like a kiln, the heat is constant and held to a proprietary temperature level. The basted chicken pieces shine with their sweet and spicy glazes. A nuanced smoky flavor transports you to the banquet rooms in those far pavilions of India’s northern regions.

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