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Ms Booker T Washington High School 2019-2020, Ms Gita Bhandari

Ms Gita Bhandari, Crowned Ms Booker T Washington High School 2019-2020

Many, many, congratulations (kaanxu) Ms Gita Bhandari for winning the title Miss Booker T Washington High School!

You are our shining star who represents our school, Booker T. Washington Senior High School. Your title and achievement, and the honor it represents extend far beyond the halls of our high school to include and encompass our home country, Nepal.

Gita, we are proud of you and your achievement. You are always very special to us – your family, friends and relatives. We couldn’t possibly imagine life without you.

When you are around us, each member of our family feels special. You make us feel special and we love you!

Here’s wishing you success today, tomorrow, and forever. Congratulations Miss Booker T Washington High School, Ms Gita Bhandari (our princess).

Gita Bhandari

Ms Booker T Washington High School, Gita Bhandari poses with the other finalists.

Posted by Balika Bhandari (sister of Gita Bhandari).

Family is Everything

TheFamily(L-R) The Bhandari Family – SSV, Dilliraj, Balika, Neerdosh, Gita and Asha

Family makes life in this world bearable. Even if times are hard, if a family stands together as one, it can weather any challenge, ride any storm. The Bhandari Family is together again. Neerdosh and Gita joined Dilliraj, Asha, SSV, and Balika last August. What happy times.

We invite you to come dine with us on authentic delicious Indian food at India Palace Restaurant & Grill. We will welcome you with appetizers and great service. It is for you that we run and work this restaurant because we want to celebrate Freedom and Friendship – your friendship and our country’s freedom – by sharing with you our culture and cuisine.

We shall see you all soon. Namaste.

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