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My Dad use to make great goat curry, the curry here took me back home!!! Kudos to the chef . Two thumbs up!!!

I really liked the food here, the tea was also awesome. Everything was cooked perfectly.

If you haven’t tried Indian cuisine, you owe it to yourself to try a Dinner India. Lunch buffet is good, but cook to order dinner dishes are great. Haven’t had anything I wouldn’t order again. Several types of naan (a flatbread served hot). I recommend the one with the jalapeños. The first time I went there, the waiter asked if I wanted my dishes Hot. I said yes. He asked, “Indian hot or American hot.” Of course I said I was Mexican and used to spicy food so give me Indian hot. I guess he didn’t believe me and said he thought I should go American hot. Glad he did cause American hit was pretty damn hot. I think you have to work your way up to Indian hot. Maybe someday!!!

Great “home cooked” style food with almost no cream/floating oil !!
Main dishes in the buffet were cooked to perfection–not too spicy. Deserts were awesome as well–not to sweet and well prepared.
Staff was polite and service was quick.
Our favorite joint in the Pensacola area !!

Best real Indian food around. Made to order so not quick but worth the wait. Unless
You like HOT order “no spice”. Their “less spice” burns me up. Lol.

Awesome food! Awesome service! If you’re look for the best Indian food, look no more!

Very nice people and amazing food as always!! Prices great as well!

The food is always divine here! I love their Baigan Ka Bhartha – and their Mulligatawny soup

Awesome place to have great meal in a friendly environment.
Excellent lunch buffet !!!!
Indian flavors !! All here in one place.

Ciera Speaks reviewed Dinner India Restaurant & Grill5 star Review

This place is the best in Pensacola. I take all friends and family visiting from out of town there and it’s delicious! I always get Chicken Afghani (mild) and Purri. Somehow it’s the most amazing dish that everyone I’m with ends up dipping their bread on my food wishing they ordered the same. Wonderful chicken with sweet mango every time! Service can be a bit slow to get drinks and place orders but it’s totally worth the wait!!!

Had the goat curry and lamb vindaloo medium hot. Both were outstanding, just the perfect amount of heat for us. Naan was good too. Will definitely be back to try other menu items.

Outstanding! 10 dollar buffet with so many choices and mango Lassi, gulab Jamin, and chai to die for.

Great place! Go for lunch! prices are great and portions are huge.

May 8, 2016 at 3:43pmfive-star-service

Billye Cutchen We lived in India and Sri Lanka for a total 5 years. This is the “real deal”. The food has the authentic taste of the foods from the area and not toned down to fit the tourist palate, though one can get the no-chili version if desired. I have tried all of the “Indian” restaurants in the area and can state, withouut question, that this one offers the best.


Exactly what we were hoping for, hot fresh and delicious specialties. Biryani, Curry and Vindaloo with naan and raita. Fab!!!


Nathan P’s Icon

1/7/2015 – This is the best Indian food I’ve had in Pensacola, hands down! The Vindaloo is always my go-to curry, and here it doesn’t disappoint. At other restaurants in town it can be greasy and a strange red color, but here it is perfect (and looks as Vindaloo should!). I have also tried the Kadai chicken and I always get Saag as well. five-star-serviceThe Saag is the best I have ever had… So creamy, so delicious. Oh and the garlic naan is a must! Best naan bread in Pensacola! The family that owns this place is so nice and they really do make the best Indian food in town, so go give them a chance! The building needs some updating, but when it all comes down to it the food is what you are paying for and it is worth every penny. We now go here at least once a week, and you should too! – Nathan P., Pensacola, FL 01-07-2015

Just a question. . .



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Question:  “Do you have a lunch menu?”

Answer:  Yes we have a lunch menu. Right now it is short but has all the delicious offerings available at lunch.

Question:  “You must have a page missing on your website. Don’t you serve goat dishes?” – Ruthanne Smith 9-26-2014

Answer:  Yes we offer goat dishes for dinner. So sorry we don’t offer it during the lunch hour.


Tom & Grace

Tom & Grace

“We love the authentic Indian food prepared by Mr Dillip Bhandari, master chef, owner, and operator of the India Palace Restaurant & Grill. Some of our favorite dishes include, Chicken Tikka sizzling platter, the curries – Goat, Lamb, Chicken, Baingan Ka Bartha (Eggplant), Gobi Manchurian (Cauliflower), and the Garlic Naan. five-star-serviceMr Dillip Bhandari shares with all his customers a wide array of Indian cooking he has learned along the way working as an apprentice at an Indian Restaurant in Northern India, then as a sous chef at a Nepalese-Indian Restaurant in Kathmandu and now as proprietor of his own establishment. All the spice nuances and delicate blends he includes in his flavorful mixtures surface in his dishes. Dinner-India of Pensacola has become one of our all time favorite places to eat – for decent, authentic Indian food.” Tom & Grace B, Cantonment, FL 8-10-2014



Renee S of San Diego

“[Food served in] This place is delicious! Very authentic, spice level was great. This was a first for my teens and they really enjoyed it. Even my picky eater. The decor was definitely outdated but the food will have you forgetting all about the decor.” Renee S from San Diego 7-9-2014five-star-service




“Dinner-India makes the best lamb curry – bar none. I dipped my garlic Naan in the curry sauce and I went to town.” Dave from Molino 7-6-2014





“I never ate cauliflower until I ordered the Gobi Manchurian at Dinner-India. I love cauliflower now but only as they prepare it at India Palace.” Betsy of San Antonio, TX, 5-2-2013


“Indian food spiciness always scared me. Also because I couldn’t tell what was in the sauce just by looking at it. But when I tasted the Chicken Tikka Masala, all my fears went away. I love Indian food specially as prepared by Dinner-India.” Naomi of Walnut Hill, 8-2-2012


“Be careful what you wish for… I ordered Chicken Vindaloo and jokingly said ‘spicy’… Yikes, these folks don’t mess around. But the Vindaloo was excellent. It was my error ordering spicy and not knowing what spicy means in Indian cuisine. Lesson learned.” Deianira from Panama City, 3-6-2012

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  1. December 24, 2015 at 10:26 PM

    Dinner India is the best and indeed an authentic Indian restaurant in the West Florida region located in Pensacola, FL. It serves not only the real taste of Indian food but also the very popular Nepalese hospitality full of peace and love from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Do not hesitate to try any dish. You might miss the most delicious one that you are dreaming about. Once you have been to the Dinner India, you will always be with the Dinner India. This is the restaurant where you will feel your won kitchen with delicious yet the most hygienic food for your health. My family’s best choice is the Dinner India. I recommend everyone to just try it once and then enjoy it forever. I am just sharing my gut feelings, experience it yourself! Hikmat BC from Pace, Fl.


    • February 13, 2016 at 3:51 PM

      Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments. We truly appreciate it Mr Hickmat.


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