DiningAt Dinner-India our dining facilities can comfortably accommodate you, your family and friends – even special group parties you may want to hold.

Come in and taste authentic Indian cuisine. May we suggest you start with the chicken tikka, or the chicken tikka masala. Have some garlic naan for dipping into the rich, thick sauce.

dining2We serve the meal with steamed Basmati rice. We also have the wafer thin bread for appetizers accompanied by tamarind sauce, or onion pickles and yogurt sauces.

If you are a bit more adventurous, try our lamb or goat curries. We can make the dish as spicy as you wish – fire station hot, medium, or mild. Tell your server – it helps our chef do an outstanding job on your order.

BoothsIf you are happy, we are happy.

See you soon!

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