Mr Hikmat BC

From Mr Hikmat BC from Pace, FL – Dinner India is the best and indeed an authentic Indian restaurant in the West Florida region located in Pensacola, FL. It serves not only the real taste of Indian food but also the very popular Nepalese hospitality full of peace and love from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

Do not hesitate to try any dish. You might miss the most delicious one that you are dreaming about.

Once you have been to the Dinner India, you will always be with the Dinner India. This is the restaurant where you will feel like you’re in your own kitchen filled with delicious yet the most hygienic food for your health.

My family’s best choice is the Dinner India. I recommend everyone to just try it once and then enjoy it forever. I am just sharing my gut feelings, experience it yourself! Hikmat BC from Pace, Fl.

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