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Family is Everything

TheFamily(L-R) The Bhandari Family – SSV, Dilliraj, Balika, Neerdosh, Gita and Asha

Family makes life in this world bearable. Even if times are hard, if a family stands together as one, it can weather any challenge, ride any storm. The Bhandari Family is together again. Neerdosh and Gita joined Dilliraj, Asha, SSV, and Balika last August. What happy times.

We invite you to come dine with us on authentic delicious Indian food at India Palace Restaurant & Grill. We will welcome you with appetizers and great service. It is for you that we run and work this restaurant because we want to celebrate Freedom and Friendship – your friendship and our country’s freedom – by sharing with you our culture and cuisine.

We shall see you all soon. Namaste.

Dining at Dinner India

All week-long you’ve hustled, commuted, worked, ran errands, met deadlines, followed through with order shipments, and made the company money. You feel great; but a little tired of the wretched fare: warmed up pizza, soggy buns and limp French Fries. Even your favorite cold chicken legs for breakfast is getting to be monotonous.

In your spare time you’ve read about the benefits of turmeric – that yellow powder in curry dishes. You’ve searched and found short clips about the vast open market bazaars of Istanbul and their food vendors. You saw people eating sizzling, spicy colorful dishes – purple, ochre, yellow, orange, blue, indigo, white, green, lime – even gold. Your mouth watered imagining the tastes and flavors.TableSettingWOrdersCloseUp

You are feeling bold and adventurous; it’s Friday. You find yourself seated in the India Palace Restaurant and Grill dining room. They bring out the appetizer dish of paper-thin mung bean fritters with tamarind, onion, and yogurt dips on the side. You glance at the other tables to see what the other customers are eating. The food looks great. You savor the aromas. You see something you like – looks like blistered bread, deep red chicken, vegetable curry dishes. You put in your order and wait.

Soon you will be feasting. . .

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